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LIBERAL IMMIGRATION LIE - "Illegal Immigrants are not a danger to Americans, they just want to work." The people above are victims of illegal immigrants. Also, 33% of our prison population are made up of these "undocumented workers".

How Dumb is John Kerry? -

MEMO TO AMERICA HATERS: - The U.S.is not the Titanic, our decline is not a done deal and our greatest days are still ahead.

NOVEMBER - Socialism or Americanism The choice is up to you. As long as the vote count is true!

SOCIALISM 101 - Any questions?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - To the greatest document ever created (other than The Bible)

NUCLEAR - Always carbon free anf fighting the forces of moonbats world wide. Nuclear rules, wind drools.

ESPN - The "S" is for socialism. "N" for not-down-with-the-constitution. BOYCOTT ESPN!!!

THEN: ROSEY THE RIVETTER - Today: Jeanine the Jerk.

WANNA THROW A LIB IN TO UTTER CONFUSION? - Give these to him/her at Christmas (also known as "The Winter Solstice" among the godless).

A LESSON LEARNED FROM 9/11 - America is truly exceptional.

SIR, MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER? - Why yes, I'd like a big hunk of American exceptionalism and an order of Freedom Fries.

DARN SKIPPY IT IS!!! - If you have to ask, then it't time to resign.

NUCLEAR CARS - BA to the core! I wonder if they have one in say, a 1976 Corvette Stingray body style?

9/22/11 GOP DEBATE - Herman Cain: "I'd eliminate the EPA." Audience: Thunderous applause Me: Got my vote, sir!

WAS??? - Still is, in my book!

JUST LIKE REAL ROCK STARS - That Second Hit Song Is a Little Harder To Come By


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THE RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY - No relevance here.

COMMON SENSE - I have about this much.

NOT JUST LIGHT READING ANYMORE - Now used as a basis for major policy changes

RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES - I'm back! Did you miss me?

THINGS ARE IMPROVING - Unemployment has fell to 8.9%, 192,000 jobs added last month. I want my country to succeed unlike some. Cough Rush Cough.


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PapaFox - December 26, 2012, 12:30 pm
Solution: BUY MORE GUNS!

THE PRESIDENT - And people wonder why they call him the Unifier.

he's so dumb... -

Flat Rocks -

Face it: Obama Rocks -